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A font-identifying website that really works

Like Jen over at Digital Scrapper my font-identification attempts on the various websites that purport to be able to do this for me are frequently thwarted. Many thanks to her, then, for the recommendation of

Most of the alternative tools “recognise” a promising-looking selection of elements from the sample you’ve uploaded, asking you to match those elements to your keyboard characters in a way that in theory should work. Unfortunately, in an attempt to get the name of a font just now that’s a pretty core component of the typographer’s toolkit (Didot) so you’d think success would be likely, I found over and over again that automating the whole process just didn’t cut it. Scraps of  letters were getting interpreted as unique characters (eg the dot and the stroke of the i). I was having to turf the elements entirely, since neither was an “i”, and in the process the set of identifiers grew smaller and the pool of matches returned would come to suck. addresses this problem by letting you drag-and-drop the two estranged elements on top of one another where they’re combined in a happy reunion, maintaining a larger set of characters to use in the matching process. The result: my font, identified.

My choice in the future’s going to be for sure.


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