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Setting up a second machine to work with your existing github repository, redux

So seems I didn’t have it quite right here, as I discovered when after doing some work I decided to push my new branch up to github. git clone doesn’t seem to do the same thing as git remote add at all, in that it didn’t create the relationship between git (my local work) and github (my backup) necessary to push my work back up.

What I wound up doing (along with a likely embarrassing amount of regenerating ssh keys and scratching my head):

$ git remote add github

$ git remote -v (should show both push and pull locations set up as above)

$ git branch my-new-branch

$ git push github my-new-branch

If my-new-branch hasn’t been set up on your github project already, that last command will do so automatically, as well as uploading your new work up there in the same command.


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